Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sánchez's Love Story

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and Lauren Sanchez, will marry following a passionate proposal on the superyacht Koru in May that included a ring set with a $2.5 million pink diamond.

Superyacht Romance

In May, Bezos asked Sánchez to marry him on the superyacht Koru with a 20–30 carat pink diamond, setting the stage for a lavish engagement ceremony.

Positano's Star Studded Affair

Luxurious and celebratory, such was the August yacht party in Italy including Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kris Jenner, and more.

The Big Questions

There is excitement for the big ceremony as of November 2023 because the specifics of Bezos and Sánchez's impending marriage are still out in the air.

Sparkling Pink Diamond

An amazing $2.5 million cushion-cut pink diamond ring. Lauren Sánchez is thrilled to be taking on the name Mrs. Bezos and looks forward to it.

Love & Generosity

Bezos praises Sánchez for being kind and giving, and Sánchez responds by highlighting their solid cooperation and shared happiness.

Love After Divorce

In 2019, Bezos, 59, filed for divorce from MacKenzie Scott, and Sánchez, 53, broke up with Patrick Whitesell. That is when their love story began.

From Divorce to Love

Bezos and Sánchez found love after their divorce, demonstrating their enduring bond and compatibility in the face of adversity.

Future Mrs. Bezos Speaks

Sánchez calls Bezos the most loving in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, emphasising their shared enjoyment, collaboration, and ability to inspire one another.

Unrevealed Wedding Details

As their adventure progresses, stay tuned for updates on Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez's wedding date and location.