GTA VI Trailer Leaked Early

A leaked GTA VI teaser appeared on a suspended account ahead of time, causing Rockstar to quickly issue an official release on YouTube.

GTA VI Details Unveiled

The trailer establishes the locale of Vice City, introduces Lucia as the first female heroine, and promises a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired plot.

Save the Date: GTA VI in 2025

The official release year has been established as 2025 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, capping up a decade-long development odyssey.

GTA VI's Leading Character

Meet Lucia, the main character, who is dressed in a jail uniform. The teaser teases criminal exploits after the film's release, promising an action-packed story.

Leonida Unveiled: GTA VI's World

GTA VI arrives in Leonida, providing an immersive experience in Vice City and beyond. Prepare for a neon-soaked journey in the series' most significant progression.

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